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Warranty Returns



1.  APPLICABILITY OF CIVIL CODE. All items purchased from NANOTEC shall be subject to the implied warranties as provided for and under the conditions set forth in the Civil Code of the Philippines and the Consumer Act of the Philippines (R.A. No. 7394) and to the express warranties set forth herein.

2.   IMPLIED WARRANTIES.  The implied warranties are the following:

  1. Implied warranty against hidden encumbrances or defects.
  2. Implied warranty against eviction by judgment.
  3. Implied warranty that seller has the right to sell.
  4. Implied warranty of merchantability. 

3.  DURATION OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES.  Implied warranties shall be for a duration of six months from the purchase of the product or item.   After the six-month period and within 2 years from the date of purchase, NANOTEC shall by express warranty honor claims based on hidden defects but subject to the terms hereof, including the return-value policy. 

4.  WARRANTIES.  NANOTEC warrants that:

  1. WARRANTY AGAINST HIDDEN DEFECTS.  Nanotec warrants that the product sold is free of hidden defects which would render it unfit for the use for which it is intended or which would diminish its fitness for such use to such extent that, had the buyer been aware thereof, he would not have acquired it or would have given a lower price for it.  Nanotec shall not be answerable for patent defects or those which may be visible, or for those which are not visible if the buyer is an expert who, by reason of his trade or profession, should have known them.
  2. WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY.  Where the goods are bought by description from NANOTEC, NANOTEC warrants that the goods are of merchantable quality.
  3. WARRANTY AGAINST EVICTION.  NANOTEC warrants the buyer against eviction.   Eviction refers to a final judgment based on a right prior to the sale or an act imputable to NANOTEC, by which the buyer is deprived of the whole or of a part of the product sold. 
  4. WARRANTY OF RIGHT TO SELL.  NANOTEC warrants that it has the right to sell the product at the time when the ownership is to pass. 



5.  NANOTEC will honor the warranty against hidden defect if after testing it is proved that the defect is an inherent, hidden defect and not due to misuse or negligence of buyer. 

6.  Items found to have inherent, hidden defects returned within 6 months after delivery will be replaced with a brand-new item of the same model or the buyer will be issued with a credit memorandum in the amount of the price paid for the item, at the option of the buyer.  A credit memorandum may be applied by way of credit for future purchases from NANOTEC subject to the terms thereof.  

7.  Items returned more than 6 months after delivery shall be replaced with an item of the same model from the stock or inventory.  If no item of the same model is available, the buyer can choose an alternative replacement, provided the customer shall pay first the price difference. 

8.  Items returned after 6 months from delivery will first be sent to manufacturer for repair.  A period of 4 weeks, more or less, is required for shipping and handling of returned items.  After the 4-week period, if the factory has not yet shipped back the buffer or replacement items, the administrator will advise the customer of this situation and the buyer may opt to be paid the balance value of the item purchased.  In the meantime, the buyer may be provided with a buffer item (temporary replacement returnable to NANOTEC after repair of product) subject to availability thereof. 



9.  The buyer is required to provide accurate and necessary information on the following:

  1. Brand and model of the unit.
  2. Serial number of the unit.
  3. Adequate description of the problem.
  4. Branch and person who scheduled the pull-out.
  5. Proof of Purchase (such as DR, Receipt, etc.)

10.  The customer shall prepare the necessary documents and the unit concerned prior to the arrival of the NANOTEC representative. The NANOTEC representative will inform the customer of any inaccurate and improper filling-out of the form and the customer shall rectify or correct the same. 

11.   Return of item shall be subject to NANOTEC representative inspection who will forthwith advise the customer of any defect of or damage to the item. 

12.    Return of item is subject to the condition that the problem reported by the customer is validated by the NANOTEC representative (or if a problem is detected by the NANOTEC representative during the testing period).

13.  Replacement shall be made in the following manner:

  1. REFURBISH.  (How will refurbishment be done?).  This is applicable to old models, EOL or the original item is in a state of deterioration.
  2. UPGRADE.  The item replaced will be replaced by a similar upgraded item.  Applicable if no immediate or equivalent replacement.   Provided that the difference in price will be paid by the customer. 
  3. BRAND REPLACEMENT.  Replacement with a similar item will be made if no immediate or equivalent replacement or similar item is out of stock. 

14.  Replacement will be made forthwith and at the earliest convenience.  However the following circumstances will justify a deferment of the replacement:

  1.  Item to be replaced is a new product and is out of stock.
  2. No immediate or equivalent replacement.
  3. No component part available for repair.
  4. Item with oxidization of component, damaged PCB, burnt components, and other damage which have to be sent to the manufacturer and entailing expenditure of time for the necessary repair.
  5. Technical issues which have to be resolved.

Provided that once the cause for the delay or deferment of replacement has ceased, NANOTEC shall forthwith effect the replacement.

14.  CHARGES.  Service fees will be charged only on the following:

  1. Items without warranty or with expired warranty.
  2. Items with voided warranty as where the unit has been opened by an unauthorized person.
  3. Shipping fee.

For items with voided warranty that the customer requests to be sent back to NANOTEC/vendors, the customer is required to sign a waiver beforehand. 

15.  GROUNDS FOR VOIDING WARRANTY.  The following are the grounds which would void the warranty.

  1. SERIAL NUMBER/BAR CODE/WARRANTY STICKER.    Either of the serial number, bar code, or warranty sticker was lost, damaged, broken, altered, tampered or has become unreadable.
  2. PHYSICAL DAMAGE.  Physical damage in the form of or resulting from the following:
  1. Bended pins, lost pins, burnt pins.
  2. Damaged PCB (bend, crack, burn, scratch, or resoldered).
  3. Some components of the unit were burnt or lost.
  4. Improper use/handling resulting in moisture which has caused the unit to have corrosion or molds (PCB oxidization). 
  5. Memory RAM sinks were removed or there are traces of tampering of sinks from the memory module.
  6. Cooler was replaced or cooler protect sticker was removed.  (VGA).
  7. Damaged panels and opening of LCD frames (HKC).
  8. Damage due to water infiltration or seepage.
  1.  CALAMITY.  Damage due to natural calamity, including those from typhoons, and floods.



16.   Warranty sticker is required in availing of warranty and availing must be within the warranty period.  Broken warranty sticker will void warranty.

17.  Damage to items such as but not limited to burns, dents, scratches, shall void the warranty.   



18. Warranty over special or specific items shall be governed by the special warranty conditions applicable thereto. In case of conflict between these agreement and the special warranty conditions, the latter shall govern insofar as the special or specific item is concerned.

19.  EXCHANGE POLICY.  The exchange of purchased items will be allowed within 7 days from the date of purchase.  The items returned for exchange must have complete packing and no part or material of the purchased item must be missing or lacking. 

Warranty Claim Procedure:

1. Choose between “Reseller” or “End User” Report Form.
2. Fill-up the form with the complete information needed.
3. A response will be given within 24 hours.


Please be advised that once the unit has been received, it is subject for a week of testing. And an update will be given after testing.

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